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Project Updates and Completed Studies

Project Updates

Phase 1 Project Components: Lead - Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

  • Replacing the existing culvert under Southworth Drive at Harper Creek - COMPLETE
  • Removal of industrial fill including bricks, gravel, and extra fill placement amounting to approximately 15,000 cubic yards of material - COMPLETE
  • Replacing the existing hand launch facility and beach access at the NE corner of Olympiad and Southworth Drive

Construction Plans

December 29th, 2016 - Estuary Clean-up and Construction Update

December 1, 2016 - Southworth Drive Culvert Improvement Update

September 29, 2016 - Fish Update during Southworth Drive Culvert Replacement Work

Phase 2 Project Components: Lead - Kitsap County

  • Remove existing 36-inch culvert and associated road fill under Olympiad Drive and replace with a 120 ft bridge
  • ADA compliant beach access

Meeting Summaries and Presentations

June 17, 2015

Community Gathering Summary 

Project Update Presentation

Cultural Resources Presentation

April 6, 2015

Community Gathering Summary 

Boat Landing Discussion and Phase II Presentation

Completed Assessments and Surveys


Cultural Resources Survey

(COMPLETED, May 2015)

The Harper Park parking area and ball field was closed for several hours in the daytime on May 19 - 21, 2015 to allow archaeological and cultural resource investigations of the former Harper brick factory site. The digging, analysis and refilling of the test pits will provide important information toward the preliminary design of the Harper Estuary restoration project which includes fill removal, boat landing relocation and culvert replacement on Olympiad Drive.

Cultural Resources Presentation

Traffic Study

(COMPLETED, April 2014)

The traffic study evaluates potential impacts associated with the restoration option that would have the greatest potential transportation impact: the closing of SE Olympiad Drive.

Harper Estuary Traffic Study Executive Summary

Harper Estuary Traffic Study

Phase II Assessment        

(COMPLETED, April 2014)

Washington Department of Ecology's contractor, Leidos, is conducting this study where environmental samples are collected and analyzed to characterize the type, distribution and extent of hazardous substances in the environment.  On Feb. 20, 2014, field crews sampled in the upland area of the estuary.  A summary of the sampling conducted for the Harper Estuary is provided here:

Phase II Assessment Sampling Summary

Phase II Assessment Sampling Results

Project Introduction Meetings

(COMPLETED January - March 2014)

Neighborhood meetings were scheduled to introduce the project, the stakeholders, discuss the importance of estuaries, and begin to establish communication with the Harper community. These meetings had the same agenda and the same questionnaire was used to provide needed feedback information. The comment input received to date will help the Department of Fish and Wildlife move forward with draft conceptual options for the estuary restoration.  In order to effectively honor the community voices of these meetings, a completed Introductory Meeting Summary Report is provided:

Executive Summary

Final Comment Summary Report May 29

Historical Map of Harper Estuary

Historical T-Sheet overlay on current Harper Estuary conditions


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