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Recovery Plans and Strategies


JUNE 4, 2020 - The Suquamish Tribe announces the completion and release of the East Kitsap Demographically Independent Population (DIP) Steelhead Recovery Plan. The East Kitsap DIP Steelhead Recovery Plan describes current ecological and habitat conditions and those necessary to recover and sustain a viable East Kitsap DIP. This plan is the result of a collaborative effort of the Suquamish Tribe and partners in our salmon recovery lead entity and local integrating organization (West Sound Partners for Ecosystem Recovery).  

  1. Memo to Partners
  2. Summary of Milestones
  3. Executive Summary 
  4. Full Recovery Plan including Appendices
ESA Recovery Plan for the Puget Sound Steelhead Distinct Population Segment 


West Sound Salmon Recovery Results Chains and Strategies 2013

West Sound Nearshore Integration and Synthesis 

Key Peninsula-Gig harbor-Islands Nearshore Prioritization

Squaxin Island Tribe Coastal Catchments Analysis Project (CCAP)

Bainbridge Island Nearshore Assessment

West Sound Eelgrass Monitoring and Assessment

Chico Creek Watershed Assessment and Restoration Plan

Curley Creek Watershed Assessment and Restoration Plan

Blackjack Creek Watershed Assessment and Restoration Plan

Springbrook Creek Watershed Assessment

Key Peninsula-Islands Basin Plan Volume 1 and Volume 2

Gig Harbor Basin Plan Volume 1 and Volume 2

West Sound Watertype Assessment Phase I

West Sound Watertype Assessment Phase 2

West Sound Watertype Assessment Phase 3

Gig Harbor Watertype Assessment

2018 West Sound Local Near Term Actions

Minter Creek Watershed Strategies

South Fork Dogfish Creek Restoration Plan

East Kitsap Steelhead Recovery Plan, June 2020

Puget Sound Steelhead Recovery Plan Final




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